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Formica Investment Group (FIG)

FIG centers on the acquisition of Multifamily apartment buildings through private equity funding, delivering stable returns to our investors.

Our Mission

To work closely with investors to acquire income-producing apartment buildings in stable and growing markets as a more robust and profitable investment alternative to the stock market while improving our residents’ experience.

Our Strategy

The most critical factors to the success of a real estate investment deal are the market, the team, and the deal, respectively.

We are firm believers that you must know the market where you invest. For this reason, we only seek investments in areas that we fully understand.   

The next most crucial factor is the team, we, as your deal Sponsor, dedicate all our resources to the optimal management of the asset and the successful execution of the business plan assessed during the acquisition phase.

Finally, the deal, we spend countless hours looking for deals, we then underwrite and analyze each one of them with conservative criteria and assumption forecasts.  We tend to under-promise, and over-deliver to be able to preserve capital to allow us to navigate through any black swan events.


A good market is the single most crucial factor in a real estate investment.  You can have a good deal in a lousy market, and there’s nothing you can do to make that property generate better returns.  Now, with a good market, you can have an average property, and you can still perform.  So, we stick to markets that are thriving and growing, as this is the foundation for a successful investment.  It is essential to carefully analyze the economic trends as well as the supply and demand balance within each market. We currently focus on investing in apartment buildings located in Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis.  From time to time, we may partner with experienced operators that we trust to provide market insight in other areas with sustained growth such as Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Northern Florida.

Property Type

We focus on class B and C multifamily properties with 50 or more units with value-add opportunities.  With room to drive up the value of the property to create healthy returns for our investors.  We work hand in hand with Partners and Advisors in seeking, vetting, and acquiring the right apartment building for the right market.  One that meets our criteria, and we can confidently forecast a steady cash flow and appreciation during the hold period of 5 to 7 years.

Asset Management

We operate the asset for optimal returns to our investors and improve the experience for our residents by completing capital repairs laid out in the business plan revised during the acquisition process.  We also stay vigilant for unforeseen black swan events that may require a strategy revision for capital preservation.

Property Management

We oversee and work in hand with our Property Management partner.  They are responsible for the everyday operations of the property: dealing directly with prospects and tenants, marketing, pricing rent, vetting tenants, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and pursuing evictions.


We work closely with investors, offering educational information about Real Estate Investing as passive investors so that they can make better investment decisions confidently.  We provide transparent reporting, an open channel of communication, property tours, and the predictability of the returns.  Our investors are an essential part of our team.

Property Owners

We are constantly connecting with other apartment building owners on both sides of the spectrum, buyers and sellers.

We offer helpful information on real estate trends and our local market to help us all make timely and educated decisions regarding our real estate portfolios.

The beauty of meeting and getting to know other apartment building owners is that we get to grow our network and multiply the possibilities of buying and selling our next real estate deal in a convenient and efficient manner.

Skin in the Game

We invest in our own deals.

The Team

Davide Formica

Davide Formica

Managing Partner

Davide is a seasoned real estate agent in Ohio and an investor with extensive experience in multifamily properties. Since 2014, he has been a landlord and has continued to acquire more properties in Columbus, Ohio. As an owner and operator, Davide has gained valuable insight into property management, which he leverages in underwriting large multifamily deals. Davide and his experienced partners have acquired over 200 apartment doors in Columbus, Ohio. The team is also involved in new development and construction projects.  He holds a master’s degree in Internet Information Systems from Saint Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business from The University of Findlay. Davide enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with his family in his free time.

Laura Destro Formica

Strategic Advisor

A dynamic and engaged leader with real estate experience since 2006 with a focus on operations, management, sales, marketing, and people and culture. An experienced operator with a strong track-record for recruiting and developing teams, and implementing organizational strategy to increase efficiency and produce results. A strategic thinker with a passionate vision for maximizing performance across multiple business units through cross-functional collaboration. A driven and committed teammate who is focused on continued growth and learning, and bringing their full self to work every day.

Our team is strategically aligned with many seasoned Multifamily apartment building sponsors with decades of combined experience.

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