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3 Ways to Navigate Real Estate Market Uncertainty and High-Interest Rates

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The issue of high-interest rates is a serious problem that has been affecting the housing market for some time now. The high-interest rates directly impacted the buyer’s purchasing power, while sellers haven’t adjusted their expectations on their property valuation. It will take time for sellers to adjust to close the gap between buyers and sellers. The real estate industry is in a constant state of change and volatility. It…

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November 2021 Market Update

November 2021 Market Update Newsletter in Partnership with the GOB Network

As of November 2021, interest rates remain near-zero, which has boosted growth by encouraging investors to borrow more money at a lower cost since the Fed slashed interest rates in May of 2020. While more people have been able to afford a home due to the lower interest rates and the growth in tech jobs, the rental market remains strong, with Multifamily national average rent rising 11.4 percent year-over-year…

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Inflation is 4X The CPI Index

We’re about to start renovations on some of the townhomes in our portfolio. Due to the delays in the supply chain, we decided to get a quote on kitchen cabinets 1.5 months ahead of time, on June 28th, 2021. The quote was $1,498. Today, Aug 17th, 2021 – following up with the purchase, the kitchen cabinet rep says, ” so you are prepared, there has been a cabinet price…

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