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Where to Invest Your Money?

There isn’t a short answer, but there should be multiple investment vehicles in every portfolio. We believe real estate presents the best risk-reward investment option.

Why Multifamily Apartment Buildings?

We believe that Real Estate is the most valuable hard asset that anyone can have.  Therefore, it must be in everyone’s portfolio one way or another.   We’re also convinced that Multifamily Apartment Building Syndication is the best form of real estate investment you can get, not only that, it’s the best investment vehicle on the planet.  It allows investors to invest passively in real estate without worrying about the intricacies of managing the asset delivering above-average returns, extraordinary tax benefits, and an attractive risk profile.

Advantages of Investing in Multifamily Apartment Building Syndication

  • Sustained demand for apartment rentals as the population continues to grow
  • People will prioritize paying rent over other expenses
  • The availability of Real Estate will become scarcer in the future
  • Offers four revenue streams: cash flow, asset appreciation, loan amortization, and the tax benefit of depreciation
  • Huge tax benefits
  • Works as a hedge against inflation

Who can Invest in a Syndication?

Both accredited investors and non-accredited investors can participate and have ownership in a multifamily real estate deal.  The typical minimum investment is $50,000.    

We like to engage with our investors first, build a relationship, and present them with sufficient educational information to elevate their understanding of the rewards and risks involved in real estate investing.

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Crucial Factors to Consider in a Syndicated Apartment Building Deal

The most crucial factors to the success of a syndicated real estate deal are the market, the team, and the deal, respectively.

We are firm believers that you must know the market where you invest. For this reason, we only seek investments in areas that we fully understand.     It is essential to carefully analyze the economic trends and the supply and demand balance within each market. We currently focus on investing in apartment buildings located in Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis.  From time to time, we may partner with experienced operators to provide market insight into other states like Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

The next most important factor is the team. We, as your deal Sponsor, dedicate all our resources to the optimal management of the asset and the successful execution of the business plan assessed during the acquisition phase.

Finally, the deal, we spend countless hours looking for deals, we then underwrite and analyze each one of them with conservative criteria and assumption forecasts.  We tend to under-promise, and over-deliver to be able to preserve capital to allow us to navigate through any black swan events.

How it Works: Our Apartment Building Syndication

FIG - Apartment building Syndication Cycle
    • Focus markets that we fully understand
    • Leverage our industry network
    • Apply conservative analysis and assumption forecasts
    • If the deal meets our criteria, we place an offer for acceptance to go under contract
    • We review and confirm that we are getting what we are paying for by performing all the Financials revision, income, rent rolls, expenses, payroll, contracts, risks, value-add opportunities, shop comps, etc
    • Physically inspect the property, exterior and inside, unit by unit
    • Contract terms
    • Secure loan financing
    • Secure investor funds
    • Our team manages the asset optimizing the property’s performance maximizing the value and return on the investment
    • Our Property Manager reports to us and oversees the everyday leasing and maintenance of the property
    • We publish monthly financial reports
    • We issue quarterly investor dividends
    • We visit the subject property periodically
    • Investors can schedule a visit too
  5. SALE
    • We execute our planned exit strategy (usually at year 5 or 7, depending on market circumstances)
    • Return of investor’s capital
    • Disbursement of equity gains to investors and partners
    • Plan the 1031 exchange for the next opportunity

Next Steps…

There is so much more to learn about apartment building syndications than what you can read on our website.  It’s a fascinating field with tremendous reward potential.  By joining our investor list, you will receive monthly emails with helpful information to help you become a well-informed passive investor.

Before we can present you with any investment opportunities, we first have to make sure you are qualified.  So, to get started, please fill out the New Investor Form, once do that, then you will have the option to schedule a call with us.